keepRelax.com is established by Author Kuntal Arora, as Author Kuntal Arora went Pune to pursue his MBA in 2011. Enrolling in such a prestigious course, always leads the expectation of getting a reputed job with a handsome package in a MNC. However, reality was a bitter truth. After enrolling, down one year later he observed that the placement cell is not much effective which would not help him to compete the market scenario in respect to salary or the platform where he can show his capabilities.
Thinking from another prospect, where one of his friend who does belong to small town and an unaffordable family, donated huge amount to get admission but after complete MBA he couldn’t get job to cover occurred expense, which concluded frustration and leaded him to commit suicide.
This incident made Kuntal Arora weak, in same time he was also searching job. He attended many interviews but many problems were there, sometime regarding salary, work profile and sometime attitude problem.
Slowly he started his life journey from small scale but some disappointed things were in his mind, like that friend who committed suicide, therefore, he started working towards those barriers which could tarnish the future of youths.

We are running four companies under this group-


Education – Where students are paying high donation to get admission with dreams that they will get job on bases degree. Keeprelaxeducation.com is trying to stop these kinds of activities with guiding student and assisting in admission without donation with tag line “Stop Donation”.


Recruitment – Recruitment – keeprelaxjob.com is purely active to guide students those are getting impatient because they are not able to get job after completing their education from top colleges.


Matrimony – keeprelaxsathi.com is online portal where you can meet your life partner.

Keep Relax Training Center
– Keep Relax Training Center has content to meet you “where you are and get you where you want to be”.

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