I officially launched my book
“What I was,
What I am”

This was a joint book launch with my Workers, elders and guider Hon. Sumer Chand Agarwal, Founder, ST. Joseph convent school.
A big thank you to all our friends, readers and media representatives who attended the event on  Saturday evening.
This is the speech which I delivered at the launch.
I never imagined at that time that five years later, I would be sharing the stage with Hon. Agarwal, doing a joint launch of our own books. I consider it an honour that I am going to write a book on him.

About the book©

My book is an edited compilation of Hon. Agarwal’s successful life journey that what he was and what he is, letters and articles to the press, and speeches over the past few days.
I decided to put this together in a book in order to reach out to Youths who prefer reading books to blogs.

I dedicated the book “to all my fellow Friends, my family and specially youths.
I see so many people in the room that have made a significant, indeed fantastic, contribution to our society, Hon. Agarwal has given so much in education sector.
Some of you I’ve known personally and some of you I’ve known only by watching you on the screen. It’s been an extraordinary journey of Hon. Agarwal.
My job is to launch a book which I’ve actually read – skipping some of it, but I have read it. This is unusual for a person launching a book, in my experience anyway. And it will be a fascinating book.
First, there are continuous complaints about those people in Central Command who are out of touch, who keep interfering and don’t understand what it’s like to be at the coal-face of the action, Hon. Agarwal’ life journey will show you that action.
That is also clear in this particular book. This is Author Kuntal Arora’s book. It contains a lot of really important information that would not have otherwise been recorded: about what the atmosphere was, and what the dynamics were amongst the people producing this programme over the decades, he is the great Hon. S. B. Agarwal.

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