To all interested in Our Business Partnerships:

I sincerely thank all of our partners, and want to encourage our businesses, organizations, Colleges, coaching Classes and schools to join us in this important work. My all team and I hope that My every Partner has at least one strong and thriving partnership! We are very pleased with the progress of the Our Business Partnership Program. This is an excellent enhancement of our students’ learning experiences and it is a very positive public relations opportunity for the District and the business community.


• Establish mentor-ships between students and employees.

• Involve retired employees in partnership activities.

• Provide employees with time away from their work to tutor minority students.

• Provide recognition or awards for special Employ.


• Have a career fair for students and parents either at your business.

• Participate in career fair presentations on a district wide basis.

• Arrange for educator and student tours of your business facility


Most – sincerely,

Kuntal Arora

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