1. Success


You must do what you strongly believe in, Success and Satisfaction follows….

Bad news for you that The Placement record in the 23-29 age group is far worse , with over 82% not receiving any job through their respective campus but one question I have always in mind that why you only need Job?

Make an idea because “YOU ARE YOUR OWN GREATEST ASSET” we have infinite power


2. Are you guilty of your mistakes

Few minutes back, i went through the article ‘Waiting for perfection might leave you behind’ by Mr. Robert Nardelli, Founder and CEO at XLR-8. It made me think , if mistakes are the part of experience, instead of being guilty we should always try to improve next time.

However you will always be encountered by few, who will keep on reminding and pinpointing your mistakes. Nevertheless, keep on moving ahead. If you are lucky enough you will find the people around you who will support you and will guide you , but rarely this happens. 

Today one of my friend told me about an incident. Few months back he went for an important meeting and forgot an important document in his PC itself. He immediately called one of his colleague to email that document so that he can take the print of it. He thanked his colleague for helping him in such a crucial time. But even after a month of this incident, few of his colleagues teased him for his old mistake. He became butt of joke for few. Does this shows lack of Group potency or lack of empathy, or should my friend be guilty for his mistake or he should regret for asking help from his colleague .

People should help one another to achieve some goal, mistakes are not confined with experience or age. One should always be polite and empathetic ..

Thanks and Regards,

Niharika Singh
Programme Coordinator
Skill Development Centre (SDC)
University Of Pune

3. Youth “Success or Fail”

I am v pained at the way Institutions do a very shoddy job in a teaching a youth.

a)The professors do not come to college most of the time, they do other assignments

b)The Student is least bothered about the future

c) The biggest culprit are these different coaching institutes where the child studies from grade 9th like a machine, this child misses out on youth, physical activity, he is put in a dummy school 

d) The over all development of the Student is lop sided as he only mugs up what is spoon fed by Coaching Institutes 

e) The Student’s GK, IQ, Communication skill are developed by people who’s main aim is only to make money

f)The students do not read the news or watch news they see Western films thinking that the way to behave, his main aim is to get into an Eng College or Medical or do IT Course and then go abroad.

Thanks & Regard
Dr. Purnima Dey Roy
Senior Executive officer (32 Year experience in Banking Sector)
Princeton global training Academy India , Delhi.


4. Rediscover youth and optimism


I asked the farmer, “What is your age?” To me, he looked like some 60 years plus. In reply, he Gave me a shock. He said I am just 30 years old. Aging is mostly an unacceptable process for us human beings. It happens to all of us but rarely are we ever prepared to accept? Usually the Physical body condition unfolds this reality one day and compels an individual to come to terms With age. Yes, it’s a bit tough to accept that we are growing old!. It was in the recent past that I met that very old looking farmer. He had spent all his life in the village doing agriculture. However he was keen to ensure that his children lived in an urban workplace. Somehow he managed to reach out to me seeking assistance. This is when I had asked him his age! Well, I have a question here for all my readers. Imagine if you had no clue about your date of birth, how old do you think you would have felt yourself to be? Read the above sentence once again and think twice. Let’s do this exercise. While you are reading this column, take a break – close your eyes and go back to your teens. Recall the huge resource of energy you had when you were thirteen or nineteen years in age. After having visualized your past, open your eyes and come back to the present. Compare the levels of optimism, zeal and energy you have today with what you had in your youth. I’m sure most of us would agree that there is a sizable loss diagnosed in the energy levels. In most probability you would lien this reduction in zest on account of physical aging of your body. However, the reality is entirely different.The depletion of one’s enthusiasm and energy levels is not directly proportional to the level of Amortization of physical health conditions. On the contrary the vise-versa is true. One can Always maintain a perfectly glowing & radiant personality by ensuring that the mental energies Are invested rightfully. Definitely good food, physical workout and health care do contribute a lot In maintaining a healthy & shining demeanor and it cannot be discounted. It is definitely possible For all of us to feel absolutely fabulous from within even when our physical conditions might be suggesting otherwise. In today’s column I suggest a few tips which will help an individual to rediscover youth.


Thanks & Regard

Dr. Ajit Varwandkar
Aglakadam Aaajeevika Academy
FS Management India Pvt. Ltd.